Peotone Weather
Significant Weather Events in Peotone Illinois
Peotone's Significant Weather -----2015-----

December 23rd- Peotone hit 60F. This is our third reading that was 60F or above this December.

December 13th- Peotone hit 62F again. Very rare in December.

December 12th- Peotone hit 62F. Very rare in December.

November 21st- Peotone's 1st measurable snowfall of the 2015-16 winter, 6.6 inches.

September 7th- Peotone's 13th 90F or greater temp of 2015. 90F.

September 6th- Peotone's 12th 90F or greater temp of 2015. 92F.

September 4th- Peotone's 11th 90F or greater temp of 2015. 90F.

September 3rd- Peotone's 10th 90F or greater temp of 2015. 91F.

September 2nd- Peotone's 9th 90F or greater temp of 2015. 91F

August 18th- 1.89 inches of rain over the last 24 hours ending at 7am.

August 16th- Peotone's 8th 90F or greater temp of 2015. 90F.

August 2nd- Peotone's 7th 90F or greater temp of 2015. 92F.

July 1st- Peotone finishes July with 4 90F or greater days. The highest was 93F on July 17th

July 1st- Peotone finishes June with 14.41 inches of rain. This is the wettest June ever in Peotone, and the second wettest month ever in Peotone. The records go back 75 years to 1940.

June 22nd- 0.90 inches of rain. Strong Thunderstorm hits Peotone. Intnense lightning and a peak wind gust of 48mph. Coal City got hit with a Tornado (heavy damage), and then the Tornado crossed IL. 53 right at the Braidwood nuclear power plant, where there was some minor damage. With the rain Peotone now sits at 12.04 inches of rain for June which is the new record for the month of June, unless it rains again this month.

June 15th and 16th- 2.92 inches of rain. Peotone has had measureable rain for 8 of the last 9 days. The 9 day rain total is 9.52 inches. A brief tornado touched down near Symerton and then Manteno. Little or no damage.

June 13th- 2nd 90F (or greater) high of the year 90F.

June 10th- 1st 90F (or greater) high of the year 92F. With a heat index of 103F. Warnest day of 2015 so far, and the warmest day since June 17th 2014 (358 days ago) when the temp was also 92F.!

June 8th- A Thunderstorm formed just North of and continued forming over Peotone. The rain only lasted 10 minutes but for 5 of those minutes hail fell as well. Some of the hail was dime sized hail(1/2 inch).

June 7th - 8th- Peotone recieved 2.45 inches of rain. At the heaviest point of the storm we recieved 1.45 inches of rain in 1 hour!

May 3rd thru 17th has produced 3.92 inches of rain. This is nearly 36% of the total rain so far in 2015 (10.91 inches as of May 18th).

March 6th 2015- -2F. Our 13th (and last) sub zero temp of the winter!

January 31st thru Feb 2nd 2015- BLIZZARD - 14.6 inches of snow. It is the biggest snowfall since the Groundhog's day Blizzard in 2011.

January 5th and 6th 2015- 1st snow of the 2014-2015 winter that was more then 1 inch. 3.4 inches fell.

January 1st 2015- In 2014 we recieved a total precipitation (rain and melted snow) of 48.28 inches. Normal precipitation for the year is 40.46 inches. We finished with a surplus of 7.82 inches.