Peotone Weather

NEXRAD Radar KLOT status: Active [last data 0:00:55 h:m:s ago] as of Sun, 24-Jun-2018 5:54am CDT

NWS WSR-88D Transmit/Receive Status

The TVS iconsheet has two rows of ten icons. The icons represent the tens digit(s) of the TVS Low-Level Delta Velocity (LLDV) in knots. For example, the "19" icon indicates that LLDV was at least 190 kts.
ETVS Default Icon
The NMD iconsheet has two rows of five icons. The top row is shown when the mesocyclone does not extend down to the lowest velocity tilt. The NMD Strength Rank is used to select the column via the equation: (SR-1)/2.
The MESO iconsheet is shown on legacy volume scans. There are two icons: 2D detection and 3D detection.
The Hail iconsheet has five rows of four icons. Each row corresponds to the inches in the estimated hail size. Each column represents 0.25" increments.

LSR Icon Legend
Radar LegendWeather Fronts Legend

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