Peotone Weather
Significant Weather Events in Peotone Illinois
Peotone's Significant Weather -----2019-----

January 1st 2019- In 2019 we recieved a total precipitation (rain and melted snow) of 39.96 inches. Normal precipitation for the year is 41.86 inches. We finished with a deficet of 1.9 inches.

January 30th 2019- Coldest day ever recorded in Peotone, the temp fell to -23F. Peotones coldest windchill ever recorded happened today -58F!!!!!!

January 31st 2019- 3rd coldest day ever recorded in Peotone, the temp fell to -20F.

February 01st 2019- From Jan 30th to Feb 1st, Peotone spent 59 hours and 29 minutes below zero1!!!!

February 24th 2019- High winds lasted all day. Highest recorded gust was 58mph at 10:40am.

March 20th 2019- Lowest humidity ever recorded at 8% realative humidity.

April 1st 2019- 1.94 inches of rain over the last 24 hours, and 4.49 inches over the last 3 days