Peotone Weather
Significant Weather Events in Peotone Illinois
Peotone's Significant Weather -----2017-----

February 28th 2017- What a way to finish February. Tornado's all over the state of Illinois. For the 4th time this winter we had Thunderstorms, in fact we had a thunderstorm wind gust of 59 mph at 11:05pm. This was also the 8th time this February we had a temperature over 60F. In fact 14 days this February (exactly half of the month) had a high temperature of 50F or more.

February 24th 2017- We reached 65F in Peotone today.This is the 7th time this February we have a temperature over 65F.

February 23rd 2017- We reached 55F in Peotone today.

February 22nd 2017- We reached 67F in Peotone today.This is our6th day in a row over 65F in February.

February 21st 2017- We reached 66F in Peotone today.

February 20th 2017- We reached 70F in Peotone today.This is very rare for February.

February 19th 2017- We reached 66F in Peotone today.

February 18th 2017- We reached 66F in Peotone today.

February 17th 2017- We reached 67F in Peotone today.

February 7th 2017- A rare February thunderstorm. Our 3rd thunderstorm of the winter.

January 27th 2017- Through 27 days in January we have recieved less than a half of an inch of snow! This after recieving more than 14 inches in December.

January 21st 2017- We reached 60F in Peotone today.

January 16th 2017- Our 2nd January thunderstorm of 2017.

January 11th 2017- A rare January thunderstorm!.

January 1st 2017- In 2016 we recieved a total precipitation (rain and melted snow) of 47.71 inches. Normal precipitation for the year is 40.46 inches. We finished with a surplus of 7.25 inches. December was the 8th Snowiest December on record for Peotone. Records for Peotone go back to 1940 (77 years).